As winter approaches, make sure you have enough drum heaters

Just as fall is the ideal time to check your home furnace, the savvy company that stores liquids in drums begins thinking about drum heaters.

Cold temperatures can cause liquids to thicken, making them much more difficult to access, explains Bill Kenney, Sales Coordinator for BriskHeat® Corporation in Columbus, Ohio. He adds that freezing can actually damage some liquids.

That’s why it’s important to pick the right heater to do the job, Kenney notes. For example, sometimes heat needs to be distributed evenly for liquids, while for others it is important that the container be heated from the bottom.

Value Mart sells these types of heaters, as well as a variety of other heaters for drums, IBCs, pails and cans, each with their own advantages.

Immersion heaters concentrate heat inside the bottom of containers. Value Mart offers an over-the-side immersion heater for 5-gallon steel pails and 55-gallon steel drums, as well as a bung-entering immersion heater for 55-gallon steel drums.

Another “from the bottom up” type of heater is Value Mart’s heated drum dolly — a steel drum dolly that has a heater built right into the dolly.

Value Mart also sells versatile “drop-in” heaters, which are ideal for a variety of different sized containers. For instance, one model of this heater is made to be used with a 5-gallon steel pail. Other models work on even smaller containers, such as metal gallon, quart and pint cans.

For slower heating applications that require all around heat, a heating blanket or a heating cabinet is a good choice. Value Mart carries heating blankets for plastic and steel drums and for plastic IBCs. Value Mart also sells heating cabinets that hold one, two or four steel drums.

Steel-band drum heaters for steel and plastic drums are available for quick heating, as well as for a pulsing type of heat that keeps liquids warm without scorching them.

Value Mart also carries a very slow steel-band heater designed to boil off liquids to discard the solids left behind.

Flexible silicone rubber steel drum and pail heaters are ideal for non-flammable paint, grease and adhesives, and are equipped with a wide heating range thermostat that adjusts from 50º to 425º F. Plastic pail and drum flexible heaters are equipped with a 50º to 160º F thermostat. Value Mart carries BriskHeat’s Class 1, Division 2, hazardous area flexible drum heaters for 55 gallon steel drums.

The most popular heaters distributed by Value Mart are BriskHeat’s silicone rubber flexible band heaters. Quality and variety of heating capabilities are what make BriskHeat’s products so popular, not to mention their reasonable price.

The main advantage of BriskHeat® drum heaters is that they are easy to use, reliable, provide even heating, and last a long time. Briskheat® manufactures its own elements, which means its heaters are durable, flexible and evenly heat drums, according to Kenney.

For more information on which drum, pail, can or IBC heater is the best choice for your application, visit Value Mart’s Web site at www. Value, or call a highly trained Value Mart Customer Service Representative at 800-776-3786.

[Published Fall 2006]


This is Value Mart most popular flexible silicone rubber band heater, model ECN55-120. It operates on 120V, has a 3.6” wide band, and an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 50º-425ºF.