Blanket-style heaters

When it comes to getting Powerblanket® products to those in need of them, we make use of some of the greatest distributors in the industries we serve. Of those we use to help distribute our product, Value Mart – Industrial Packaging and Equipment is one of the heavy hitters.

Value Mart is an industry-leading supplier of private label and brand name industrial packaging and material handling equipment, such as Powerblanket industrial heated blankets.

Powerblanket® is a manufacturer of innovative heating solutions that serve the needs of countless industries. Powerblanket uses a patented blend of technology and expertise in order to provide even, safe, efficient, and consistent heat distribution to every inch of their product’s application. Powerblanket® technology maximizes heating efficiency and offers a simple, customizable, and economical approach to a myriad of freeze-protection and heating needs.

The company’s revolutionary technologies have differentiated them from their competitors for years, and their commitment to innovation continues to provide new and improved products to an already impressive line of solutions. With the ability to design custom heating blankets, Powerblanket outfits clients with all the cold-weather protection and heating they’ll ever need. No matter the size, shape, or nature of the project, Powerblanket® heaters can cover it.

What’s more, Powerblanket is certified to manufacture C1D2 (Class 1 Division 2) and C1D1 (Class 1 Division 1) products for use in hazardous locations. Likewise, every Powerblanket product is also compliant with all national and international safety standards stipulated by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories like UL, ETL, CE, CSA and others.

Powerblanket heated solutions have more than 10 years of proven success across many of these different industries: Oil & Gas | Railroad | Sprayfoam | Coatings | Chemical | Piping | Valves | Instrumentation | Food Processing | Composites | Construction | Precast | Roofing | Industrial | Manufacturing | Specialty Gases | Agriculture | Public Works | Dairy | Mining | Concrete | Dealers & Distributors | and more…

Distributors like Value Mart are vital to the success of Powerblanket, and we appreciate and value all our distributors and partners for all that they do to help us deliver heating solutions to a world in need of them. For all those in search of Powerblanket heating solutions, Value Mart is a trusted and reliable source that we back 100%.

For more information on blanket-style heaters for plastic IBCs, pails, drums, barrels & pallets of equipment and materials please call a thoroughly trained Value Mart Customer Service Representative at (800) 776-3786.