Can the Ergo-Pak Overpack be used to ship UN regulated pails?

Question: Can I ship a UN certified pail in the Ergo-Pak™ Overpack?

Answer: Yes, you can ship a UN certified pail in the Ergo-Pak Overpack.

The important thing to realize, however, is that the Ergo-Pak is simply a handling device used to make all five-gallon steel and plastic pails easier to lift and less expensive to ship.

The Ergo-Pak Overpack was not designed to be a UN-rated container by itself. It is more like an amiable sidekick that helps a UN-certified pail do its job better.

As its name implies, the Ergo-Pak Overpack is just that — an overpack — which encloses a five-gallon plastic or steel pail. The shipper is responsible for determining the suitability of packaging materials for intended use and must use a qualified UN pail on the inside of the Ergo-Pak that meets the proper UN specifications for the contents of the pail.

The overpack is ergonomically designed. It incorporates two hand holes, located on opposite sides of the overpack box, that makes lifting and handling the pail easy and safe for your employees, your customers and the shipping company.

The Ergo-Pak Overpack can also save your company money. Shipping costs can be reduced because United Parcel Service and Federal Express charge extra for shipping a pail that is not packaged in a carton. When the Ergo-Pak Overpack is used, those extra charges are not imposed.

When using the pail and the ErgoPak Overpack to ship hazardous materials, it’s important to properly prepare both for shipping. That includes labeling and marking the package as needed.

Shippers need to write the proper shipping name and hazardous material UN identification number on the respective lines conveniently printed on the outside of the carton.

They also need to affix the appropriate diamond-shaped hazardous materials primary shipping label or hazardous materials shipping name label in the designated area on the outside of the carton. All necessary paperwork required by law should be attached to the shipment.

For more information about the Ergo-Pak Overpack or to order, please call a Customer Service Representative at 800-776-3786.

[Published Spring 2003]


The Ergo-Pak Overpack is designed to save you money when shipping pails via UPS or FedEx. With its ergonomically positioned hand holes, the overpack can make pails easier to lift and handle.