Customer Focus

Trails of Glory

Six sleek jets rise from the runway and flow into a perfect formation with seemingly effortless precision. Suddenly, with a perfectly timed release, billows of red, white and blue smoke emerge in distinct trails to form the stripes of the American flag across the sky….

  The Flavors of Success

Want your new vegetarian specialty to smell like roast beef? Think your healthy chicken dogs might sell better if they tasted like traditional hot dogs? Need to market your zesty “pork and beans” without the pork? You’ve come to the right place…

Beekeeping is Buzzing in Utah

According to the website Mental Floss and the Utah County Beekepers Association, honeybees are among the most fascinating creatures in the world. On a typical summer day, each will travel over three miles before returning home after depositing and collecting material from over 100 flowers. Their wings flap an amazing 11,400 times per minute.

Quail feed a wildlife biologist’s imagination

On close inspection, their main components are ordinary plastic and steel pails re-imagined into near engineering marvels by Jim Evans, founder of Quality Wildlife, Waynesboro, Georgia. And today, business is booming and demand for the feeders is spreading from northeast Georgia to bird sanctuaries nationwide.

Seeing Metal Art in a Whole New Light

When artists see everyday objects, they envision things we would never dream of – take a 5-gallon steel pail, for instance. When Susan Durazo sees a 5-gallon pail, she imagines how it would look as a light fixture.

Famous chef Nick Di Bona launches hand-crafted ice cream business

When New York Times food critic mentions Mr. Di Bona should consider packing his ice cream in pints to go, Nick not only loved that part of the review, he took the critics advise.