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My WIFI Router 3

My laptop is WiFi router (wireless or desktop) simulates a network router and functions of the majority. It lets you share your Internet-connected devices and a few other things to someone who is connected.
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It also has a basic security features and even a number of other prygozhagakastsyumy!

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My WiFi router has some surprisingly powerful features for such a simple piece of software that a lot of that comes from creating a full-fledged network router. For example TII they reach the establishment, one can watch videosThrough my video individually control their reproduction: perfect for long trips with laptops, but not the Internet. You can even move files back and forth, if it’s your zadovoljstvo.Čak without the Internet, the application is useful, but it’s great to share 4G Internetwith other people, for example. Just keep in mind one thing: leaving open the router is risky because of security reasons, and my WiFi router does not make a ton of high opcii. Microsoft Office 2007 download
Barem security has Crniliste.

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Overall, we are WiFi router best suitedfor those who want to use their novtbuksumesny Internet access and other activities, and not so much to worry about hackers. It is simple to use and has a shared video odličanFunkcija and security is not an issue (for example, a trip up above), it isGreat for ruteriranje.


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