T-rated drums offer overpack protection for shippers

T-rated salvage drums, identified with the letter ‘T’ in the UN mark, give shippers of liquid or solid contents extra confidence for use with damaged, leaking and non-compliant packaging.

According to UN standards, a T-rated drum is a salvage drum that has passed the ‘T’ test and has qualified for the overpacking of damaged, leaking or non-compliant steel, plastic or fiber drums.

Under the test, a salvage drum is filled with water and dropped from about 4 feet on its most critical orientation.

If the drum does not leak, it receives the UN ‘T’ rating to provide shippers confidence that if a salvage drum was used to overpack a damaged drum that contains a liquid, the damaged drum would be contained.

Different size drums may receive the ‘T’ rating, but 85-gallon drums used in overpacking are more often given the test.

T-rated drums are not required by U.S. federal law but drums shipped to Europe are required to have the rating.

Even though a T-rated drum is not required for shipping in this country, its use is allowed in this country: “A salvage packaging marked ‘T’ in accordance with applicable provisions in the UN recommendations may be used [in overpacking],” according to Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 173.3.

Value Mart carries 85-gallon steel salvage drums in a safety yellow exterior color that meet the T-rating standard. The open-head drums handle damaged or leaking containers of hazardous materials and meet UN and Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 173.3 requirements.

The 85-gallon drum is available unlined or with a corrosion-resistant epoxy-phenolic interior lining.

For information on T-rated drums or any other container product, please call a thoroughly trained Value Mart Customer Service Expert at 800-776-3786 or visit Value Mart’s website at www. Value Mart.com.

[Published Spring 2015]